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Sardo Cannonau
The name of this wine is derived from Latin and wants to be
a reference to the past, to what has been, that is, "a time,
once. "It is believed, in fact, that the wines then aged nuragica
consumed were something very similar to rose wine.
Tipology:DOC Red Cannonau di Sardegna.
Vine variety: Cannonau.
Location of the land: Florinas
Exposition: East - South
Altitude: 400 m above sea level
Soil: Sandy, chalky.
Cultivation method: Runner system.
Density of the plantation: 5000 plants/hr.
Year of plantation: 1965 - 2002
Yield: 90 - 100 quintals.
Harvest period: October
Harvest type: Manual with 18 kg per each crate.
Vinification: In red and maceration with skins for 20 days.
Ageing: 24 months in stainless steel on yeasts
Refining in the bottle: 12 Mounths
Alcohol content: 13/14% Vol.
Service temperature: 16/18 °C.
Colour: Ruby, clear and shine
Flavour: Intense and typical perfume, with mineral and earthy recalls, pomegranate and sweet violet.
Taste: Balanced, warm with glyceric strength well contrasted by round and elegant tannins.
Gastronomic combination: It perfectly matches grilled red meats, pasta with game sauces and aged cheeses.


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Sardinian Cannonau DOC


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